Starlight Dessert Bar, Loveland Colorado

It was a joy to shoot for the Starlight Dessert Bar in Loveland, Colorado. This was my first time working with Renee and her staff. We captured the prep work and final presentation of several new menu items, cocktails and atmosphere of the restaurant in just a few hours. And the best part, through my Instagram posts and followers, they have already received some new patrons. Woot!

Senior Portraits with Larissa

Larissa and I met two years ago, in Fort Collins, Colorado, when she started assisting Juli y Juan’s Kitchen during their catering events, which I had the pleasure of photographing.

Not only did she bring four wardrobe changes to her senior photo shoot, but an infinite amount of exuberance and playfulness which made my job all the easier.

I wish this young woman all the best in senior year and her journeys through life.

Pumpkin Creek Ranch – Raw Meat Cuts

Fresh, raw cuts of meat produce a unique set of challenges. To help Pumpkin Creek Ranch, from Scottsbluff, Nebraska, show off their beautifully marbled cuts of meat, I needed to pay extreme attention to not only composition but also time. To look it’s best, the meat could not sit out at room temperature for too long, which meant I needed to first style the shot correctly and then prep the meat which had just thawed. Special attention was given to showing off the plumpness, color and marbling. The end result was over 20 cuts of meat and over 30 set ups photographed over a period of four days. It’s a pleasure to work with ranchers who care for and respect the cattle they raise and the quality meat which those cows produce.

Kel's Cookie Jar

On assignment for Fort Collins Lifestyle Magazine, I had the opportunity to photograph decorative cookie creator, Kellee Zweifel, of Kel’s Cookie Jar, at her home in Loveland, CO. Her fun and festive outlook on life translates directly to her baking and design from “doughnut” cookies to elaborate multi cookie creations. Some how my enormous sweet tooth was able to resist sampling.

Root to Tip CBD Products

One of the great things about product photography is getting to know owners of local businesses as well as their goals and struggles. Root to Tip, from Fort Collins, CO, provides CBD tincures and salves and I wanted the photography to reflect the level of high quality that they put into their product.

Brunch at The Farmhouse at Jessup Farm

Do not overlook the brunch at this quaint farmhouse restaurant in Fort Collins. The young lady and I filled up for the day on a spiralized pear salad, farmhouse burger, breakfast burrito and the chocolate doughnut of the day. Then we sat at the bar to share an old fashioned and a Secret Thyme cocktail. Love this place. Shout out to Claire and Stephanie for their great service!

Portraits of Travis Kauffman, Mountain Lion Attack Survivor

On the morning of February 4, Travis Kauffman was just a nice dude dating my co-worker. By the next morning he was known as an international bad ass, who single handedly survived a mountain lion attack while on a midday trial run. Not only did he survive, he choked the 80-pound predator with his foot. Legend.

Being that Travis is somewhat of a private guy, who was not used to having his photo taken, I was honored and humbled that he trusted me to stop by and take some photos before his stitches were removed, and to keep them private until given permission to post.

Thank you Travis, Annie and Obie. I know you will enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them… and I hear that Obie has already updated his Tinder profile pic.

To start, I’m only posting 12 images. Over time I will post more here and on Instagram. If you would like to discuss editorial usage, shoot me a message from my contact page.

All images: © 2019, John Robson, All Rights Reserved

Laura Buitragoe

Having flown in from Mexico City, Laura was not yet acclimated to the cooler winter air of the Fort Collins, Colorado, but she didn’t let that get in the way of fun photo session.

Morning Chores at the Ray Farm

Katherine and her team of Tibetan mastiff set out across a fresh blanket of snow to undertake their daily chores on the northern Colorado alpaca farm.

Late Summer Night Barn Party

On the outskirts of Fort Collins, Colorado there is a ranch where friends and family gathered to celebrate and unwind. As the guests arrived, the docile Longhorn cattle, that call this ranch home, painted a picturesque scene over the sunsetting landscape.

Tequila poured by Mountain Side Events and a taco bar by Juli y Juan’s Kitchen nourished the crowd, while the harmonica tunes livened them up throughout the night.

One can only desire to photograph more events like this.

Outdoor Dinner with Juli y Juan and Project Restoration

You know it’s a good sign when you roll up to a photoshoot and there are wild turkeys walking through the open field searching for their evening meal.

This dinner brought new menu items to photography, including figs, bacon jam and rustic carrots, all beautifully plated by Juli y Juan’s Kitchen.

Project Restoration hosted this event to build support for their mission in making men into better father figures.

Jackie Maternity Photos

She's due in a week and still up for wardrobe changes and hiking around natural areas in Fort Collins. 

Juli y Juan Cooking Class at Ginger and Baker

A new take on date night! Juli and Juan come out from behind the scenes to give couples an educational, fun and romantic experience at Ginger and Baker in Fort Collins, CO.

Jill M. Maternity Photos

We captured a calm, quiet moment of the mama and baby to be on the set of Jill's mid century modern home. Serenity at its finest.

Juli y Juan Rehearsal Dinner for Tara and Aaron

September 2, 2017
Happy Heart Farm
Fort Collins, CO

I was all settled on the couch for an unproductive Saturday night, when I got the last minute call from Juan, which went something like this;

Juan: "Hey Johnny, would you like to shoot another event at Happy Heart Farm?"
JR: "Sure. When?"
Juan: "6pm."
JR: "As in tonight?"
Juan: "Yeah."
JR: "What time is it now, 5:45pm? Yeah, I'll be there."

Get Up and Get Out III with Juli y Juan's Kitchen

November 12, 2016
Happy Heart Farm
Fort Collins, CO

After photographing Juli and Juan's previous Get Up and Get Out dinner, I was invited back for their second open fire gastronomic gathering and entered into the ranks as their personal photograph in perpetuity. This event's theme was Argentinian cuisine most of which was cooked over an open fire. The togetherness between the chefs, organizers, artists and new friends that surrounded this day made for an unforgettable experience.  

Get Up & Get Out with Juli y Juan's Kitchen

September 16, 2016
Happy Heart Farm
Fort Collins, CO

Looking back, this was the beginning of a great friendship and the realization of how my photography impacts others. There is no greater compliment than when someone says that your work moved them to tears of joy.

This was the first open fire gastronomic gathering put on in Fort Collins, CO by Juli y Juan's Kitchen in conjunction with Mountain Side Events and Arcadian Pictures. The theme for the evening was Mexican seafood. Incredible.