Portraits of Travis Kauffman, Mountain Lion Attack Survivor

On the morning of February 4, Travis Kauffman was just a nice dude dating my co-worker. By the next morning he was known as an international bad ass, who single handedly survived a mountain lion attack while on a midday trial run. Not only did he survive, he choked the 80-pound predator with his foot. Legend.

Being that Travis is somewhat of a private guy, who was not used to having his photo taken, I was honored and humbled that he trusted me to stop by and take some photos before his stitches were removed, and to keep them private until given permission to post.

Thank you Travis, Annie and Obie. I know you will enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them… and I hear that Obie has already updated his Tinder profile pic.

To start, I’m only posting 12 images. Over time I will post more here and on Instagram. If you would like to discuss editorial usage, shoot me a message from my contact page.

All images: © 2019, John Robson, All Rights Reserved